Rebecca Wiley

Spiritual Boot Camp

Learn quick easy steps on how to reach a state of meditation:
Often people believe that meditation is mastered after hours or days of sitting, closing your eyes and deep concentration. This class will program your subconscious mind using NLP to access a state of meditation within seconds.

You are intuitive and clairvoyant:  You were born with these abilities within your genetics and the life-force that is the seed of your being. You will learn how to open yourself up, recognize, and develop this part of you. More importantly you will learn how to trust that you can do this. Embracing your intuitive abilities will change your life in all ways.

You can channel information:  Everyone channels from higher dimensions on a daily basis. However, we do not realize this or absorb the information because of our own “static”. You will learn how to tune into channeling to receive clear, direct messages.

Chakras and Kundalini:  During your bootcamp you will learn about your chakras and experience an exercise that will balance and open your chakras quickly to activate kundalini.

DNA Activations:  I  am sure that everyone has heard this phrase quite often. You will learn what a DNA activation is, what it means for you, and how to do this on yourself. Of course, we will call in those higher beings that are anxiously waiting to protect you and help you to raise your vibrational frequency.

Manifestation:  Everything is a manifestation. Whether it be positive or negative, you are creating it. This is an extremely important truth that you will learn to harness for positive rather than negative. You will learn the importance of manifesting from the heart space and how to do this.

Cost: $250 per person  time: 10:00AM-7:00PM

Date:  February 3, 2017

Bonus: Daily Downloads via email- Free Aura picture with 11 page reading

This will be a life changing day full of invaluable information and experiences. The goal is to heal the planet! For everyone that activates their DNA through healing, it helps 12,000 people.

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Spiritual Bootcamp $250

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